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Mark & Dave Farone


Joe and Carol Dello Stritto are excited for another opportunity to put their faith into action.

Dave Farone says anything he can do for God or his church is rewarding.

Dennis and Regina Stover see an opportunity to evangelize and strengthen their parish.

These are just a few of the people recruited by their pastors to serve as volunteer solicitors in Our Campaign for The Church Alive!, and making a positive impact.

Married for over 45 years, the Dello Stritto’s are a living testimony to the saying, “If you need something done, ask a busy person.” Their lives center on family and faith, especially Our Lady of Joy Parish in Holiday Park, taking part in Eucharistic ministry at church and for homebound parishioners, evangelization, Knights of Columbus, the Chimbote Mission spaghetti dinner and even an Appalachia ministry.

They take a lead role in asking fellow parishioners for pledges, often inviting them into their own home to talk about how the Campaign will benefit Our Lady of Joy.

“They get excited for us,” Carol says, “then with us as we explain the needs in our parish and diocese. It’s about my faith, which is something I can’t visualize living without.” Joe adds, “When you show someone you’re interested in them, eight times out of 10 they’ll help you.”

Dave Farone of Saint Vitus Parish in New Castle shares that passion. He and his son Mark work together on the Campaign. Mark is 26 years old and has Down syndrome. He comes to all the weekly meetings, and inspires other volunteers with his enthusiastic smile.

Setting up meetings with prospective donors and asking them for gifts is something Dave had never done before, and it’s not always easy. But he’s happy to make the sacrifice for his parish and for the Catholic faith. “I remember why I’m doing this. It’s a question of, Do you love God and love your church?”

Dave says with a certain awe in his voice that those “who can least afford to give are the most generous. I’m so impressed with how people support their church. They’re very loyal.”

Trained as accountants at Indiana University of Pennsylvania and the University of Pittsburgh, Dennis and Regina Stover know their numbers. As active ministers at Our Lady of Grace Parish in Scott Township, both are committed to helping create an even more vibrant parish.

“The Campaign case statement is a work of art,” says Regina. “There’s something for everyone, and the donors pick up on the different needs.” Her experience in fund-raising campaigns for local universities and religious orders helps her to appreciate the organized manner in which prospective donors are identified and approached.

Dennis believes there’s a positive message to convey to other parishes getting ready for their own campaigns. “The goal of raising $125 million across the diocese is definitely reachable,” he says. “There’s work to be done.”

Mark & Dave Farone

Mark & Dave Farone