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The Grinnen children (l-r), Elliot (3rd grade), Sadie (Pre-K), Cole Patrick (1st grade), and Liam (6th grade).


Rebekah Grinnen teaches in a public school district but is grateful for the opportunity to send her four children to Holy Redeemer Catholic School in Ellwood City, thanks to support from the Bishop’s Education Fund and other assistance.

“Not only are my children receiving a quality education, but the opportunity for them to openly give praise to God is precious,” Mrs. Grinnen said. “As a public school teacher, I come into contact with hundreds of students on a daily basis.  I can easily spot those who have attended Catholic school.  Their morality and presence truly stand out from all of the rest.”

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L-R, Colin Fitzhenry, Adeline Roper, Caleb Fitzhenry, Jillian Palko, and Sr. Cynthia Wessel


Colin and Caleb Fitzhenry, brothers who attend Saint Agnes Parish School in West Mifflin, are no strangers to helping others in need.

“Mom always says it’s better to volunteer than to get paid,” said Caleb, a 5th grader who is helping raise money for Our Campaign for The Church Alive!  With guidance from their principal, Sister Cynthia Wessel, students have enthusiastically joined a fundraising drive that will last five years and benefit children across our Diocese through programs such as the Bishop’s Education Fund.

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