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Food and warmth at Catholic Charities’ Susan Zubik Welcome Center in downtown Pittsburgh. Credit: Catholic Charities


Mother Teresa’s lifelong devotion to caring for the poor and sick inspired millions worldwide, and her holy example lives on in the Diocese of Pittsburgh.

A benefactor was deeply moved by a story about how a sister with the Missionaries of Charity told Mother Teresa one day that there was not enough food in the kitchen to feed those begging at the door. She was instructed to go pray, and not long afterwards they were blessed with a large donation of food.


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Are We Alive in Our Faith?

Let me ask a question that I have been asking of myself and you since I was installed as Bishop of Pittsburgh in 2007: Are we—you and I—excited about our faith? Is our faith just something that we acknowledge when we come to church on weekends, or do we strive to live it—with enthusiasm and love—every day?

Do we carry our faith into our homes and our workplaces? Is it part of our conversations, our thoughts, our dreams? If we are indeed excited about our faith, then we must put our faith into action.

It is this excitement that has led to Our Campaign for The Church Alive!, an historic diocesan-wide drive to address the extraordinary needs of our Church of Pittsburgh by investing extraordinary resources in the future of our parishes and the diocese.

After reading the summaries that follow, I pray that you will be excited to join me in this historic opportunity to strengthen our Church, and will add your enthusiastic support to this great endeavor.

Grateful for our belief that “Nothing is Impossible with God,” I am

Your brother in Christ,

Most Reverend David A. Zubik
Bishop of Pittsburgh


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    When he was first installed as Bishop of Pittsburgh in 2007, Bishop Zubik asked...



Deacon Michael Ackerman has always known that God wanted him to teach. But instead of helping junior high school students learn history and economics, he will be helping families to understand and deepen their faith as a priest of the Diocese of Pittsburgh.


New Evangelization Program

$1,500,000 will underwrite an exciting outreach strategy designed to call back those who have left the Church and reach out to those outside the Church, inviting them to return home to the Father through the Son by the grace of the Holy Spirit.