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Monthly Archives: August 2014

Photo Credit - Jim Judkis


Father Jim Farnan remembers when he was growing up that his dad always dreamed of owning a Cadillac. But with seven children, providing for them was far more important than anything material. The kids went to college. His father never bought that Cadillac.

“But he enjoyed a peace and sense of satisfaction that he never sacrificed his children’s welfare,” Father Farnan said. “He always chose what was most important.”

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Photo credit: Jim Judkis


When Saint Victor Parish in Bairdford began as a mission nearly a century ago, many of its founders were farmers. Without realizing it, parishioners today are following their example of sowing seeds.

“For the first time we have a seminarian from Saint Victor, and through Our Campaign for The Church Alive!, our parish will be able to help those studying for the priesthood,” said Father Charles Speicher, pastor of Saint Victor. “Before the campaign, parishioners here hadn’t thought much about the cost of educating seminarians. On a practical level, that will bear fruit for future generations.”

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